Spot Treatment & Stain Removal

"We have a wide range of treatments and application methods"

Some exterior surfaces can be tricky to clean, especially if they have been exposed to engine oil, the elements and even graffiti, however we have a wide range of treatments and application methods to overcome this, so that no stain will get in the way of your new pristine driveway or exterior surface.

Before cleaning any surface, we complete a thorough analysis of damage, and can provide specialist treatment to areas of damage, stains or disrepair to ensure that the final clean is of the highest standard. We can also replace lost sand from block paving for a complete finish that looks like new.

Where possible we use environmentally friendly products, but in some cases of stubborn stains, we may need to use chemicals, all of which will be covered in detail in your initial site visit or demonstration.

For our spot treatment Edinburgh service we carry out a comprehensive site visit and when required can provide a FREE demonstration of our workmanship.

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