Render Cleaning

"Offering delicate cleaning techniques our team can remove all types of stains and impurities "

Not only are we are experts in natural stone cleaning, we also have a wealth of experience when it comes to the cleaning of render using soft washing techniques and biocidal treatments to protect your home and bring it back to its best exterior condition.

Offering delicate cleaning techniques our team can remove all types of stains and impurities including oil, paint, pollution and natural organic matter, restoring all the natural colour to the render, façade or cladding on your home without damaging the surface, Providing the safest and most effective render cleaning experience, with outstanding results.

Our professional steam based exterior surface cleaners can produce a heated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C providing us with the ability to clean to the very highest of standards without the use of high pressure, heating, braking down and removing the toughest of stains and natural organic matter from all types of surface, supplying gentle but thorough cleaning.

Due to harsh weather conditions the exterior walls of your property can become worn, stained and unsightly, creation a poor first impression to your family, customers in your home or business. The cost of replacing damaged or un-maintained render is very expensive therefore regular cleaning and maintenance is essential for the purse strings and will also extend the life of your building.

We have seen numerous incorrect cleaning methods and techniques, over the years that have severely affected the buildings and ultimately damaged the surfaces, resulting in costly repairs. If high-pressure is used, with either hot or cold water, it allows moisture to get beneath the surface, enabling more organic growth to re-appear. It can even remove the K-rend, due to the aggressive pressure used.

Driveway Clean Edinburgh, part of the MCS Group, can bring cladding surfaces back to life without the need to harm or shorten the life expectancy of the coating, ensuring all organic growth is terminated by the roots or any discolouration, or carbon pollution is removed.

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