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Driveway Clean Edinburgh

Part of the MCS Group, we are a family run business that is small enough to care & big enough to deliver. We are one of Edinburgh’s leading Exterior cleaning companies. If you are looking for driveway cleaning in Edinburgh that will deliver high quality results, then look no further. We are proud to maintain long standing client relationships that span the whole of Scotland, testament to the high levels of workmanship and customer care we provide.

You can rest assured that we won’t be matched on service or price, and as a fully insured, Safe contractor Approved company, we will always deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Our Services

Our skilled team are unmatched when it comes to experience, qualifications and quality assurance and our service include:

Commercial Driveway Cleaning

Residential Driveway Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Restoration

Pressure Washing

Conservatory Cleaning

High Access Cleaning (Reach & Wash)

Driveway Sealing

Spot Treatment & Stain Removal

Weed Killing

Our Vision

With over a decade of service to our residential & commercial clients, we are fully invested in the quality of our service provision and strive towards excellence in customer care. Using only the highest quality equipment available, and always investing in the continued learning of our workforce, we are fast, efficient and professional with a wealth of experience which provides our clients with the confidence that they are choosing to work with a trusted exterior cleaning provider that has a vested interest and strong reputation in the cleaning sector.

Our Mission

Our mission as one of Edinburgh’s top professional exterior cleaning companies has always been to provide our clients with a bespoke service that meets their needs. All our clients have used our service for many years, and so our mission is very much in motion. We will continue to grow our portfolio of amazing clients, always placing an emphasis on quality delivery and customer care.

Meet The Team

Led by our Managing Director Paul McCallion, Our team are handpicked and trained to ensure consistent delivery of our quality service. As a family run business, you will always be met with a friendly face or familiar voice and our processes ensure that you receive the highest standard of customer care.

Paul McCallion

Managing Director & Account Manager

Robyn Faughnan

Office Administrator

Paul Power


Alexis Font

Window / Stair Cleaner

Stuart Nicholson

Pressure Washing Operative / Cleaner

We are always hiring

Email: info@mcsedinburgh for more details

Our Process

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Preparation

We begin by assessing the affected area to establish if weed treatment is required. If required, this will be applied and left for 10-14 days prior to cleaning. On our return all moss, weeds and other debris will be removed followed by a comprehensive check of drain channels to to ensure unblocked waterflow.

2. Cleaning

We then begin the professional cleaning of the intended area, using our industrial grade rotary cleaner followed by a full clean with our pressure lances. Drain channel will be rechecked and cleaned to ensure there are no future issues.

3. Aftercare

Depending on the surface, once dry, we can apply fresh kiln dried jointing sand over the surface (if required and will be discussed after the initial site survey) to replace any lost during cleaning.
This can provide a like new finish and also maintain the structural integrity of the driveway or patio.

Our Equipment

To match our unrivalled service, we ensure that we continually invest in the highest quality commercial grade equipment that allows us to deliver consistent and efficient results.

Our flat surface machines use a rotary cleaning head which contains the pressure jets and minimises spray meaning we don’t waste water and minimise mess to surrounding areas on your property. Our flat surface cleaners are industrial strength and quality engineered, giving us the tools necessary to clean any surface, while retaining the structural stability of the targeted area. With our Professional cleaners you will receive a notice a considerably reduction in any streaks caused by residential lances, for an even, clean finish.

Our industrial rig and Pressure washers are manufactured and maintained to very high standards and are powered by very efficient diesel and petrol engines. The machines deliver a constant pressure of up to 200bar (approximately 3000psi) giving us the capacity to clean to a superior quality with the greatest care.

What do we require from you?

Ideally, access to an external water supply, however, if one is not available or the water pressure is too low, we have water tanks of different capacities available in our fleet which we can use.

We minimise the use of chemicals or detergents across all of our services unless there is absolutely no alternative, stubborn stains or graffiti for example. Most cleaning agents contain acids or alkalis that can react with some natural stones or cause damage to surrounding vegetation. Our cleaning relies on the cleaning power of water alone, albeit it under very high pressure.

Why do our customers use us?

The most common complaint we hear is aesthetics, Clients want the exterior of their property to be restored to its original glory, often saving a fortune in the process by removing the need to spend thousands on new surfaces. Client also contact us looking to add value to their property before it goes on the market by replenishing all of the applicable exterior surfaces to create a great first impression for potential buyers. And regularly we are contacted for safety reasons, with Algae and moss posing a slip risk in the unpredictable weather that bonnie Scotland has to offer.  

Why use a professional company?

Pressure cleaning is a complex undertaking, and the use of residential grade pressure washers is not only ineffective but can prove dangerous and damaging to your property.  Drainage, substrate damage, erosion, contamination of adjacent properties, incorrect or unnecessary use of chemicals, all this and much more need to be taken into consideration and that is why it is always safest to use a qualified professional when treating the exterior of your property.

We have full public liability insurance, a long list of accreditations and we are Safe Contractor approved for peace of mind.