Risk Assesment

"We take health & safety seriously"

Risk assessments are a normal part of most working environments in the UK. They are also commonly used by professional cleaning companies, like the MCS Group, to ensure the safety of all workers assigned to a given location. Our project managers are expected to abide by safety regulations and guidelines intended to prevent injury to workers and others who might be in the area while work is being performed.

MCS Group and Driveway Clean Edinburgh implement full use of risk assessments according to Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. We follow a standard procedure developed by the Health and Safety Executive, based on the following six questions:

What are the hazards? This question is designed to identify potential problems such as spillage, the use of hazardous chemicals, and lifting heavy materials such as furniture and garden furniture.

Who might be harmed and how? Identifying staff members most vulnerable to injury is important. Identification of means by which staff may be harmed is also part of the process of preventing injury.

What is already being done? Cleaning companies like ours need to identify what steps are already being taken to ensure staff safety. We cannot identify improvements until we know what is already being done.

What else can be done to manage risk? Government guidelines call for companies like ours to take every reasonable step necessary to ensure safety. This question is designed to explore what can be done in addition to what is already standard practice.

Who is responsible for the action? When a new action is adopted for safety reasons, someone has to be responsible for implementing it. Accountability is critical.

When will the action be taken? Lastly, a proper risk assessment establishes deadlines for new actions. Setting deadlines is yet another form of accountability.

Safety is always a priority at Driveway Clean Edinburgh.

Whether we are cleaning a large commercial space or a residential home, safety is always a priority at Driveway Clean Edinburgh. Rest assured that your decision to contract with us ensure the highest standards of customer care and safety.

As part of the MCS Group, Driveway Clean Edinburgh are fully committed to following all regulations and guidelines relating to worker safety. If you have any questions about our risk assessments, do not hesitate to contact us right away. We would be more than happy to demonstrate how safety will be implemented on your premises.

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