Pressure Washing

"Our pressure washing equipment is of the highest industrial standard "

Countless items around the external of your home can be effectively pressure washed to leave them looking nearly new again. One of the most popular requests for our pressure washing service is the treatment of wooden decking, however we can also clean items such as garden furniture, ornaments, fences, steps & walls. When it comes to decking boards and furniture we combine pressure washing with hand application to ensure the material is left in strong standing and no damage is caused. There is unfortunately no quick fix, each board must be cleaned individually with the grain to ensure safe restoration.

Our pressure washing equipment is of the highest industrial standard ensuring the best finish, but also the safest application of water at varying pressure, to ensure that the integrity and strength of your surface is retained.

At MCS we have years of experience operating industrial pressure cleaning equipment which can be adjusted to the right amount of pressure needed for the job in hand and matched with the appropriate cleaning product for the surface we are cleaning, making sure we lift the dirt and grime quickly and easily without damaging the surface we are cleaning.

Our high-pressure cleaning equipment and methods are ideal for cleaning the masonry, stonework, decking, paving, patios and pathways of your home or business. We can restore stained or soiled masonry and stonework using specialists cleaning products for different applications.

Our applications cover:
Stonework, Brickwork, Coping, Railings, Steps & Stairs, Masonry, Awnings (Metal, Plastics, Glass), Waste Bins, Paving, Patios, Decking, Pathways, Fences, Walls, Graffiti Removal, Chewing Gum Removal and more

Steam Cleaning & Soft Washing of Delicate Stone

We are experts in natural stone cleaning and stone restorations and provide a professional, effective stone cleaning service executing high end finishes for all types of natural & artificial stonework.

Offering environmental friendly and delicate cleaning techniques our team can remove all types of stains and impurities including oil, paint, pollution and natural organic matter, restoring all the natural colour to the facade without damaging the stones surface, Providing the safest stone cleaning experience possible, with outstanding finishes.

Our professional steam based stone and masonry cleaners can produce a heated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C providing us with the ability to clean to the very highest of standards without the use of high pressure, heating, braking down and removing the toughest of stains and natural organic matter from all types of stonework supplying the most gentle but yet thorough clean available for your stones surface.

Limestone / Granite / Sandstone / Flagstone / Blue stone / Fieldstone – York stone / And much more…

For our pressure washing Edinburgh service we carry out a comprehensive site visit and when required can provide a FREE demonstration of our workmanship.

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